“Makshivim” (Listeners) established in 2005 and has work since then in Isarel.
It is an Internet-based project for mental health consumers.
Makshivim is designed to promote consumers’ well being by giving them a variety of services.

Through the project, consumers can chat with each other, and with professional counselors from various disciplines
Consumer get many benefit from the project's trained coordinator, they can:

Find friends among their peer consumers with common experiences and interests.

Raise awareness of mental illness and erase social and self-stigma.

Practice social and communication skills.

           short movies who made by few of the Israeli consumers 

online center for independent living model, providing virtual tools for independent living and social integration, not exclusively for times of crises, but rather at all times. This new project is consistent with the principal of peer-led intervention, employing group coordinators with different types of disabilities
Online group support including a manager / instructor via computer and an Application.
Objectives: To promote health and prevent morbidity by reducing weight and maintaining a healthy weight
Encouraging healthy nutrition, addressing risk groups, and reducing social and health gaps among disadvantaged populations.
promoting social support groups on the Internet for the golden years population with the aim of creating face to face social groups and reducing loneliness.