Our technologies, AR (Assistive Rehabilitation), were designed to help individuals (clients) with their experiences during the mentoring, rehabilitation and personal development processes in order to achieve the quality of life to which they aspire.

ARChat - a personal and group chat platform (on the website and application) for personal, group and peer support. The system provides a space for personal conversations, serves as a platform for group discussion and allows participants to receive a supportive response and direction.


ARContact - an application to receive information from external parties and people around the client (employers, family, teachers, etc.) - to receive additional information from the supportive environment for the client's personal development. The application makes it possible to receive input from others involved, in order to combine important information and feedback in the client's development program. Such information can promote discussion and consideration when making decisions and setting targets for the client.


ARTech - is a monitoring system that follows and manages the mentoring process and enables the client and the mentor 24/7 online access to the client’s personal file. The information collected is presented according to permissions in a dynamic system that can be changed depending on the type and needs of the mentoring/treatment/rehabilitation. The progress of the individual development process can constantly be checked through the system. This tool matches the personal file, where the information is gathered, and a development program is created, according to the process defined in the system. The system was developed to provide everyone with positive reinforcement through compatible visual features. The system is presented on a user-friendly site (on the website and application), which facilitates self-management designed to increase use in real time.


ARPackage - a system that incorporates all of the applications and data collected in real time. The system can provide a view of a single client in a single program, a single client and data from various programs, a single rehabilitation program and, at the same time, various programs related to the same clinic/physician/social worker/mentor (bird’s-eye view) and thus examine the overall success and the processes and different objectives. The system helps manage and perform quality control in order to help the various development programs.


BOOT - a robot that provides an initial response to states of anxiety and pressure. The robot observe behavioral data about the client during the support group discussion, but does not intervene unless there is bullying or an extreme change in the behavior of one of the participants. When the boot sees that help needed he "interfere" and start a privet discussion with the client and in the same time send alert to professional who will get back to the client.