Voucher Program

The Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services provides partial funding for professional training and courses.

People eligible for a rehabilitation basket can receive assistance in numerous and diverse fields: construction and environment, transportation, cooking, computers, graphics, nursing, electronics, manicure/pedicure and much, much more.

Makshivim Net provides personal mentoring services to help individuals receive the funding and find work in their profession on the free market.

The mentoring process includes creating a personal development program that relates to education, career and occupation, finding a profession through understanding of the skills, abilities and needs, in order to successfully complete the course and be successful on the job.

During the course, individuals will continue to receive mentoring through Makshivim Net, either for social issues or study skills. Close to the end of the course, the process of finding an appropriate job will begin.



Academic Support

Makshivim Net provides psychological, academic and social support for students suffering from emotional distress, who are afraid of seeking personal assistance.

Support is provided online, primarily through chats. It strengthens the student and helps them integrate into academic life.

The virtual service we provide gives emotional, social and academic support to help the students advance within the academic setting.

Many students who suffer from emotional distress have difficulty obtaining the assistance they truly need. They are also concerned about being stigmatized and are afraid of beginning relationships with students who are tagged as suffering from psychological, social or learning issues. The various assignments and grades lead them to feel uncertain and afraid.
This situation can make them feel that they are failures and have problems coping, particularly among students suffering from emotional distress. Sometimes, the situation may be so bad that the student wants to give up and quit their studies.

We offer:

  • Online mentoring by a skilled mentor, which allows the student to remain anonymous and facilitates easy communication
  • Creation of a personal academic program
  • Assistance adjusting to academic life
  • Encouragement to complete assignments as required
  • Tools to teach coping skills
  • Online chats with other students coping with similar challenges
  • Support with social skills
  • Strengthening belief in their own abilities and hope to succeed

Three types of mentoring are offered:

Emotional mentoring - coping with anxiety that arises due to the pressures of the academic setting.

Academic mentoring - assistance with all academic aspects of study such as registration, creating a personal study program, time management, assistance with the library website, reading articles and more.

Social mentoring - developing social skills, help communicating with lecturers and students, providing a friendly ear and more.