Makshivim Net

In recent years the internet has become a tool that brings people together and it connects people in need to services that can offer them solutions.

Humanity constantly finds more and better ways to use the internet's resources as a bridge that helps people who need rehabilitation and are unable to find it elsewhere.

We at "Makshivim net" believe that everyone deserves a fair chance.

We have a lot of experience in creating rehabilitation projects online. We are continually developing and offering many online rehabilitation services such as virtual mentoring, family support, occupational rehabilitation, and social and educational e-recovery.


“Makshivim” (Listeners) established in 2005 and has work since then in Isarel.
It is an Internet-based program for mental health consumers.


By giving support, consultation and opportunity, this program offers a fair chance to all customers to get back to the job market.


This program addresses the population that does not want to receive rehabilitation services from the official systems because of stigmas associated with them or for any other personal reasons.



"Makshivim Net” company developed the Technological Systems AR - Assistive Rehabilitation, which deals with the individual’s personal file;
For instance: It receives immediate, up to date and relevant information from the various factors concerning the patient.
Maintains direct contact with the patient or their supporter via various methods, 
Obtains support from other people involved. 
And creates positive reinforcement and cooperation.

ARTech - Monitors and supports the rehabilitation process.
ARContact - Application for information from external factors related to the client.
ARChat - Conversations with clients individually, in groups and peer support
ARPackage - Technology to measure quantity and quality of the rehabilitation process


Our Leading Team


Eitan Ben Itzhak Klutch

Twelve years of experience of professional work with individuals with mental health disabilities, including: managing, training, coaching, and coordinating various services.

Professional Director

Nirit Binyaminy

BA in Social Work from the University of Haifa. Graduated with M.A for Clinical Social Work stress and trauma at Tel Aviv University. As the professional manager at Makshivim Net.

Programs Director

Liat Libling

Since 2008, Liat has worked with the mental health population and other individuals coping with special needs, behavior problems, and more in all rehabilitation fields.

Employers Relationsions.

Liora Goldman

She has Bechlor of Sience degree at economics from  and has Master of Art Theraphy from Kingston University