"Makshivim Net” company developed the Technological Systems AR - Assistive Rehabilitation, which deals with the individual’s personal file;
For instance: It receives immediate, up to date and relevant information from the various factors concerning the patient.
Maintains direct contact with the patient or their supporter via various methods, 
Obtains support from other people involved. 
And creates positive reinforcement and cooperation.

The goal is for the patient to achieve the quality of life that they are aiming for.  

A system that incorporates all of the applications and their data that is collected in real-time. The system can supply observations on individual clients in each of the services which they are using, and thus provide a detailed large picture of the individual rehabilitation progress at all relevant goal-domains. In addition, ARPackage can provide a wider, bird’s eye view observation on the system's different programs, while incorporating several client-files and\or services hence allowing to examine overall success in goal achievement.

A monitoring system to follow and assist in managing the online recovery process. This tool is equivalent to "client file" where information is collected and a personal rehabilitation plan is created and modified. The system allows building a process plan, that contains all the information gathered by client and practitioner, from intake interview, to rehabilitation goals and preferences, and following gradual steps, in accordance with the determined recovery goal. The collected data may be displayed according to authorization determined by client and worker, deciding who can access the system, and which information will be presented (either partial (e.g. occupational), or full ARTech information). The system was developed to provide accessibility for clients with various disabilities within a framework of positive reinforcement, where accomplished tasks are marked graphically.  It is designed as a user friendly site, enabling independent operation and self-management of  the rehabilitation plan, aimed for increased use of the systemover time;
A monitoring external system that serves to receive data from the participant's support community, such as employers, family, or teachers. It allows receiving (but not exporting) input from others involved in the rehabilitation process, in order to integrate important information and feedback into the shared process of client and worker. This input can be used for discussion and consideration in decision making processes. 

A Chat program for both individuals and groups on website or Smartphone App. This program provides a space for personal private conversations between client and worker, and serves as a platform for group discussions. It allows participants to receive supportive response from their worker or peers.